Living Room Concerts - Impressions

09. Jan 2018 / by Marcel Mokbel

Impressions of a Living Room Concert

Hands On Videos of Wilm Stötzel Guitar "Belle"

28. Sep 2017 / by Marcel Mokbel

These are two short video clips of me playing with my brandnew guitar: "Belle" - a semi baritone guitar made by Wilm Stötzel (Germany).

Wilm Stötzel Guitar "Belle"

25. Jul 2017 / by Marcel Mokbel

"Belle" - a guitar made by Wilm Stötzel (Germany)

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Marcel Mokbel - Solo Acoustic Guitar. Catchy melodies and groovy rhythms paired with a combination of fingerstyle, slapping, percussions and emotion leads to a new sound, stirring the audience.
Enjoy a symbiosis of pop, rock, funk, and soul with elements of lounge music and the sounds of movie soundtracks.


Marcel Mokbel - Solo Acoustic Guitarist



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