2017-09-28 13:40
by Marcel Mokbel
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Here are some impressions of my brandnew guitar: "Belle" - a semi baritone guitar made by Wilm Stötzel (Germany). It features an alpine spruce top and granadillo back and sides, with green stripes and a signature at the 12th fret ("Mokbel" in arabic letters). This guitar plays, sounds and looks totally wonderful, so if you look for something really special and highest possible quality, then check out Wilm Stoetzel!

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Marcel Mokbel - Solo Acoustic Guitar. Catchy melodies and groovy rhythms paired with a combination of fingerstyle, slapping, percussions and emotion leads to a new sound, stirring the audience.
Enjoy a symbiosis of pop, rock, funk, and soul with elements of lounge music and the sounds of movie soundtracks.


Marcel Mokbel - Solo Acoustic Guitarist



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